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A delegation from the University of Western Australia visited our School

On January 16, 2019, Bevellee Partridge, Executive Director of International Division, University of Western Australia, and Nick Letch, Assistant Dean of Business School, visited the School of Public Administration. Dean Fan Libo, Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Lei Liang, Professor Wu Chengzhong, and teacher An Mengmeng had a meeting with the guests in the conference room 620 in the Ningyuan building, discussing issues related to personnel training through international cooperation.


Dean Fan warmly welcomed Bevellee and his delegation, and introduced in detail the development history, discipline construction, personnel training and internationalization progress of the Shcool. He expressed his expectation of establishing a comprehensive cooperative relationship with the University of Western Australia. He wanted to take the visit of Bevellee Partridge as an opportunity to promote the joint training program as soon as possible so as to train inter-disciplinary international talents for China and Australia.


Bevellee Partridge thanked the School for its warm reception. She introduced the general situation of the University of Western Australia from the aspects of school environment, discipline development and personnel training, and put forward constructive suggestions on the future cooperation.


During the talks, the two sides exchanged views on the joint training program and reached consensus on the number of students, selection criteria, language results, project cost and majors. The two sides will further broaden channels of communication and carry out in-depth cooperation in personnel training, academic exchange and other fields.