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Meeting with Foreign Professors for the Summer School held by the School of Public Administration

On the afternoon of July 11, 2019, the School of Public Administration held a meeting with foreign professors for the coming summer school in the board room at 5 floor of the Research Building. Professor Yu Haichun, Dean of the School of Public Administration, met with seven well-known international professors: Visiting Professor of Oxford University; Consultant to the education authority of Italian government, Francesco Grillo; Professor of the University of Central Florida; former Editor-in-Chief of top SSCI journals, Fevzi Okumus; former Executive of Universal Studios, Garrett Alan Swanson; Dean of Business School of University of South Australia, Stephen John Boyle; Director of innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of the University of Adelaide, Carmen Reaiche; Institute of cognitive neuropsychology of National Academy of Sciences in Hungary, Márta Ilona Fülöp; Associate Professor of the University of South Florida, Faizan Ali, who has published more than 30 articles on SSCI journals.


Seven foreign professors introduced themselves one by one, and highly praised our summer school and our students. Foreign professors agree that our summer school is quite international and has far-reaching significance in promoting international exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, they highly commended our students’ learning spirit, good English ability, active interaction and open international horizons.


On behalf of the School, Dean Yu Haichun firstly welcomed professors to teach in the summer school, expressed appreciation for their contributions in the summer school, and introduced the School of Public Administration. President Yu pointed out that our university is the only university jointly built by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Commerce in China, and is one of the most difficult universities for students to be admitted by in China. The quality of employment and average salary of the graduates that graduated from our university rank among the top universities in the country. Since its establishment in 1974, the School of Public Administration has a history of 45 years, has already developed a mature discipline system and major settings of public administration. In the teaching of undergraduates and postgraduates, the School emphasizes the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality, strengthens the training on students’ three abilities in foreign language, finance & economy and foreign trade, and devotes itself to cultivating high-quality and internationalized talents with the ability of managing international affairs. Every year, the School sends students to different countries for short-term and medium-term international exchanges. About 30% of the graduates of the School choose to pursue their Master's degree in well-known foreign universities.

Dean Yu said that he attached great importance to the meeting with the foreign professors. He hoped to gain in-depth understanding of foreign professors’ opinions and suggestions on the training of our students, and to enhance the interaction, scientific research cooperation and international publications with foreign professors and the universities they are teaching in. Finally, Dean Yu once again expressed his appreciation to the foreign professors for their contributions to the School and the University.

In the subsequent exchanges, the foreign professors also expressed their gratitude to the School for hosting such an international meeting, which provides a good platform for interaction between foreign professors and the School, and among the foreign professors, and they expressed that they look forward the further cooperation with our School in international scientific research projects, international article publication and international teaching exchanges in the future.